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Were you injured by a defective product in McAllen, TX? If so, the manufacturing company (or any other company within the distribution channel) can be held strictly liable for your damages. Unfortunately, these cases can be tough to prove. An experienced McAllen product liability lawyer at The Law Office of Lino H. Ochoa can help you fight to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and more.

Our lawyer has over 25 years of experience standing up to large corporations and their insurance companies. We’ve already used our skills to recover tens of millions of dollars on behalf of injured clients in the Rio Grande Valley.

We’re prepared to go to battle for you. Best of all, we never charge attorney’s fees unless we recover compensation for you. Contact our law offices in McAllen, Texas, to schedule a free consultation and learn more today.

Let us help you take on the bus driver, bus company, insurance carrier, and anyone else responsible for your devastating McAllen, TX bus accident injuries. Contact our McAllen bus accident attorney or call (956) 815-0055 to set up a free initial case evaluation now.

Why Trust The Law Office of Lino H. Ochoa To Handle Your Product Liability Claim in McAllen?

Why Trust The Law Office of Lino H. Ochoa To Handle Your Product Liability Claim in McAllen?

Big product manufacturers make millions–and sometimes billions–selling consumer products. As a consumer, it’s reasonable to expect that these products are safe. That’s why product liability laws impose strict liability.

That said, product liability cases are difficult. You’ll have to prove that the product was defective. That might seem impossible when you’re struggling with serious injuries. Our McAllen personal injury attorney at The Law Office of Lino H. Ochoa is ready to stand up for you.

When you hire our team, you’ll have an attorney who will:

  • Identify all options for recovering compensation
  • Investigate and determine whether others have suffered similar harm
  • Look into the company’s track record and history
  • Hire experts who can testify about the nature of the defect
  • Calculate the fair value of your personal injury claim
  • Negotiate with the defense lawyers and insurance companies for a full settlement
  • Advocate for you at trial if necessary

When you’re ready to learn more about your rights, call our McAllen Personal Injury Attorney to discuss your legal options. There’s never any obligation to hire us, even after your free consultation.

We Handle All Types of Defective Product Claims in McAllen

At The Law Office of Lino H. Ochoa, we’re well-equipped to handle any type of product liability lawsuit, including those involving defective:

  • Medical devices
  • Over-the-counter medications, including proton pump inhibitors
  • Prescription drugs, including opioids
  • Airbags, seatbelts, and other vehicle safety equipment
  • Cars and motor vehicles
  • Household appliances
  • Batteries
  • Children’s car seats
  • Children’s toys and products
  • Children’s furniture, including cribs and playpens
  • Work equipment and tools
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Electronics
  • Chemicals and other toxic substances
  • Pesticides and lawn care products, including Roundup weedkiller
  • Personal care products, including talcum powder
  • Contaminated food or beverages
  • Vapor pens
  • 3M earplugs

It might seem obvious to you that the product you were using was dangerous. Proving the product suffered from a defect can be complicated nonetheless. Call our personal injury law firm in McAllen to learn more about this area of law today.

Overview of the Product Liability Laws in Texas

Companies that design, manufacture, and sell defective products can be held strictly liable under Texas product liability laws. That’s true even if there is no evidence to prove that the responsible company was negligent.

To recover compensation, you must prove:

  • The product in question was defective
  • You were using the product as intended or in a reasonably foreseeable way
  • You suffered some type of harm or injury due to using the product

Unlike car accident victims, you don’t have to prove that the responsible party was somehow careless or reckless. By law, companies that sell consumer products have a duty to ensure that those products are reasonably safe. The mere fact that the product was defective is enough to show that the manufacturer failed to uphold their duties.

What Makes a Consumer Product Defective Under Texas Law?

In the most general terms, a product is defective when it creates an unreasonable risk of harm that could have been avoided in some reasonable way.

Three different types of product defects exist:

  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Marketing defects

Thousands of products are recalled each year because of these defects. However, you don’t have to wait for a product to be recalled by the FDA or the Consumer Product Safety Commission to take legal action. Our lawyer in McAllen can help you determine whether you have a valid claim today.

Design Defects

Design defect cases involve inherent flaws in the product’s design. Even when manufactured according to specifications, every product will be defective because its design is dangerous.

One well-known design defect case involves Roundup weedkiller. As designed, the key ingredient in the product has been linked to an increased risk of developing cancer.

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects involve mistakes in the manufacturing or assembly process. 

For example, if a company uses the wrong size screw in assembling a child’s car seat, the product may not work as intended. If the mistake creates an unreasonable risk of harm, the product manufacturer can be held liable for resulting injuries.

Marketing Defects

In marketing defect cases, there really isn’t a problem with the product itself. Not every risk of danger can be eliminated through a safe design or manufacturing process. Some products still create a risk of harm even when they’re made in the safest way possible.

That’s why products come with warning labels and instruction manuals. The manufacturing company also has a duty to warn consumers about non-obvious risks. When they fail to provide adequate warning, they can be held financially responsible.

What Is My McAllen Product Liability Case Worth?

This is an important question in every personal injury case. There’s no simple answer because your injuries are different from anyone else’s. 

Our lawyer in McAllen carefully evaluates all relevant factors when assessing a case value, including:

  • The type and severity of your injuries
  • Whether the product caused any permanent damage or long-term disability
  • The cost of your medical care and other expenses
  • Damage to your quality of life, lifestyle, and ability to enjoy life
  • How the injury impacts your work during recovery
  • Whether your future earnings will be impacted
  • Whether you’re eligible to participate in a class action or ongoing multi-district litigation (MDL) related to the product
  • The nature of the at-fault party’s actions

The harm caused by certain types of products may have already been settled. It’s even possible that a settlement fund has been created to compensate victims. That doesn’t make it less important to hire an experienced lawyer because the insurance companies and defense teams often pressure victims to accept less than they actually deserve.

To make sure you’re getting the full amount for your claim, call us or reach out online to learn more about your case value today.

What Types of Damages Are Available to Victims of Defective and Dangerous Products in Texas?

Victims in successful product liability cases can seek compensation for all of their losses. 

First, you can seek reimbursement for all of your financial costs. These damages are called economic damages, and may include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages, income, and employment benefits
  • Lost future earning potential
  • Nursing care
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Property damage

Second, you can seek compensation for non-economic damages, including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Anxiety
  • Depression 
  • PTSD
  • Physical disfigurement and scarring
  • Reduced life expectancy
  • Loss of consortium in wrongful death cases

Punitive damages are rare, but Texas courts may award them in cases involving intentional wrongdoing or extremely shocking acts. For example, if the company knew about a serious risk and covered it up, punitive damages may be appropriate as punishment.

Our McAllen Product Liability Attorney Will Fight To Recover Compensation for All of Your Injuries

Defective products have the potential to cause a wide range of injuries. These injuries can be life-changing and life-threatening.

At The Law Office of Lino H. Ochoa, we can help with cases involving:

  • Internal organ damage
  • Cancer and other illnesses
  • Broken bones
  • Nerve injuries
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Concussions
  • Back injuries
  • Burns
  • Amputations
  • Paralysis
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Wrongful death of a loved one

Never underestimate the impact that an injury can have on your life. Call our law offices to learn more about your legal right to pursue compensation today.

How Long Do I Have To File a Product Liability Lawsuit After an Injury in Texas?

Under Texas law, most personal injury victims have two years from the date of an injury to file a lawsuit. While the statute of limitations typically starts to run on the date of your injury, a discovery rule may also apply. 

If you didn’t discover the harm you suffered for some time, you have two years from the date you discovered or reasonably should have discovered the damage.

There are exceptions to the statute of limitations, and determining the time limit for product liability cases can be complex. Contact us as soon as you can to make sure you file your claim appropriately.

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