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Having practiced law in McAllen for years, we understand our community and the unique circumstances that often lead to injuries in our community. McAllen, Texas, is the largest city in the Rio Grande Valley and is known for its economy and diverse communities.

Being only 11 miles from the United States-Mexico border, our community sees a lot of international trade and job growth. However, this growth comes with inherent dangers, such as crowded highways and increased commercial trucks driving through the area. Heavy congestion often leads to an increase in dangerous motor vehicle accidents, and we often see severe injuries and fatalities as a result.

The Law Office of Lino H. Ochoa is conveniently located in the Lower Rio Grande Valley in McAllen, Texas. Whether your injury was caused by an auto accident or a slip and fall, our McAllen office can help you pursue the compensation you deserve and need to move forward with your life after your accident.

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The McAllen, Texas, area has tens of thousands of people using public roads and highways every day. With so many cars on the streets, accidents are inevitable. Whether traveling in a passenger vehicle and getting rear-ended or involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, any accident can cause life-changing injuries.

Some McAllen and Hidalgo County roads that see a lot of accidents include:

  • Bicentennial Boulevard
  • Highway 83
  • Ware Road
  • Interstate 2

The construction and oil and gas industries are prevalent in McAllen, and we frequently see injuries from construction and oil field accidents. These injuries are often severe, and construction and oil companies will do everything they can to avoid accepting liability or paying for your medical bills and lost income. We can help you take control of the situation and get the compensation you need.

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