Most people have heard that flying is safer than driving, but is that true? The idea of a falling plane is terrifying, and plane crashes often make it into the news (including the recent “plane crashed into a car” story). However, the “odds of dying in a plane crash” scenarios aren’t directly compared to those of dying in a car accident. 

When you’re considering whether flying is safer than driving, take a closer look at the numbers. 

Odds of Dying in a Plane Crash: Looking At the Numbers

How often do planes crash? The International Air Transport Association states that out of approximately 7.7 million flights each year, there is an average of one crash. How safe is flying? The overall fatality rate is 0.23% — meaning you would have to take a flight every day for over 10,000 years to be involved in a plane crash. 

It can help to understand why flying is this safe. Most of the statistics you read regarding plane crashes are from Federal Statute 14 CFR Part 121, which deals with commercial aircraft regulations. 

You can think of the commercial airline industry like the commercial trucking industry — they’re both heavily regulated. Federal law dictates everything from the safety requirements for planes to the number of hours a pilot can fly. This contributes hugely to the rarity of planes crashing. 

That said, charter flights can be riskier. Smaller planes are held to different standards, meaning they have fewer regulations. Even pilot requirements for charter flights are less strict. You have a higher risk of experiencing safety issues with these kinds of flights. 

Odds of Dying in a Car Accident

The chances of dying in a car accident are 1 in 101. Fewer standards and safety regulations have to be met to be able to drive a car. Even the quality of a car’s construction varies, making some vehicles more likely to suffer damage that leads to accidents. 

Car accidents can occur for many reasons, including:

  • Drunk driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Weather issues
  • Aggressive driving

Another reason car accidents are more common is that cars come into much closer vicinity with other cars than planes do with other planes. Driving a car means driving on the road with countless other vehicles, making the risk of an accident much higher because of the many variables involved. 

Roads can also be in poor condition. The condition of the road is something that impacts driver safety because issues like potholes can lead you to lose control of the car. This is not something that planes have to worry about. 

Driving or Flying? Understanding Your Options

It’s easy to see why driving is the most dangerous mode of transportation. Whether you’re on a highway or a country road, there are hazards that can put your life at risk. Although charter flights can be risky, they don’t generally pose the same level of danger as simply driving a car does. 

Is flying safe, though? If you’re taking a commercial flight, the answer is yes. When taking other types of flights, however, the equation changes. Ultimately, the choice you make depends on what you feel most comfortable doing. 

It’s difficult to think about, but if you or a loved one is involved in a car accident or a plane crash, you need to turn to McAllen Car Accident Lawyers to help you get compensation. They can offer the guidance you need when the unimaginable happens.

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