3 oilfield accident risks that could lead to severe injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2023 | Serious Injuries

The promise of substantial earnings draws many workers to jobs in Texas’s numerous oilfields. Those willing to work long, hard hours can earn enough to eliminate many current and future economic concerns.

Unfortunately, working in an oilfield poses many severe accident and injury risks. If you are still interested in an oilfield job, enhance your safety by learning about the risks and taking steps to minimize them.

Rig collapses

Most oil rigs are sturdy and safe, but if erected improperly, they may be vulnerable to collapse. When a heavy rig collapses, it can harm workers on its way down. Severe or catastrophic injuries such as amputation, brain damage and disabling back injuries may occur.

Fires and explosions

Oil is extremely flammable in both crude and refined states. An errant spark could start a fire or cause an explosion, leading to employee burns, which can be severe. Other burn risks associated with the oilfield industry include exposure to toxic chemicals and working with electricity.

Mechanical failures

The rig itself is not the only sophisticated equipment used in the field. Employees must also work with machinery such as pumps, large vehicles and mixers when extracting oil from the ground. When heavy equipment fails, it can lead to catastrophic worker injuries or even death.

Determining liability

Often, multiple parties cause or contribute to oilfield accidents, including negligent employers or field owners and faulty equipment manufacturers. Since these accidents can severely impact your life and earning capacity, finding all potentially liable parties could maximize your injury restitution.

Consider learning more about your compensation options after being injured in an oilfield accident. Someone knowledgeable about the nuances of injury matters involving the oil and gas industry may offer guidance.