3 types of product defects that may cause major injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2023 | Serious Injuries

When people buy new products, they expect them to be safe and to fulfill a specific purpose. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer turns out the same caliber of products, and even well-established and trusted brands sometimes produce defective production batches.

Product defects may lead to consumer injuries and recalls. By the time a manufacturer has learned about the threat posed by a product defect, it may already be too late to protect every consumer. Sometimes, people hurt by defective products will end up taking manufacturers or even retailers to court in response to the injuries they’ve suffered. These are a few of the types of product defects that have the strongest association with poor outcomes for consumers.

Vehicle defects

People absolutely need to be able to trust in the design of their vehicles and in their ability to maneuver accurately in traffic. Defects ranging from problems with airbags to rear coil springs that detach from vehicles could either cause crashes that leave people injured or worse than crashes when they occur. Vehicle defects have led to some of the most expensive recalls and largest consumer lawsuits against companies.

Medical device defects

If medical professionals recommend a device to help protect someone’s health, such as respiration systems for someone with sleep apnea, the patient expects that it will serve its purpose and not put them at risk for injury or illness. The same is true of implanted devices intended to regulate someone’s heart rate or replace a failed joint. When medical devices fail, people may require surgery and may have life-altering medical consequences for the patient.

Wiring defects

Products ranging from video game consoles and hoverboards to power tools have electrical wires installed. Unfortunately, issues with wiring and electrical systems and products are common. They can cause some of the most devastating consumer safety issues. Bad wiring could cause electrical shorts that shock people or might even result in house fires that cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage.

Consumers who have been injured by defective products may be in a position to file an insurance claim or even a product defect lawsuit. Discussing the impact of a defective product with a personal injury attorney may help someone decide if they are in a position to file legal action.