The health of a trucker can determine their accident rate

On Behalf of | May 17, 2023 | Trucking Accidents

You may notice a lot of semitrucks driving on the freeway. Truckers have an important role in the economy by delivering goods across vast distances. Many of the stores you go to wouldn’t have the clothing, fresh produce or cleaning supplies if it wasn’t for truckers.

While truckers are crucial for communities, there’s also a darker side that can put you at risk of serious injuries. Here’s how that can happen:

Living life as a trucker isn’t easy

From the outside, the life of a trucker can seem glamorous. Many truckers are paid well for their work. And, the work typically involves driving for long hours and seeing lots of scenery. 

However, the reality is that these workers aren’t compensated nearly enough for their work, and deadlines put a huge strain on their health. Many truckers eat very little or have a diet of fast food. Some truckers don’t get the recommended amount of sleep necessary for the job  — or their health. Furthermore, trucking is an isolated job and many people don’t see their family and friends for weeks.

Mental and physical health go hand in hand

All of these issues of trucking slowly build up. When a trucker eats only high-calorie foods without exercise, they may suffer from high blood pressure and heart issues. Sleeping issues may cause truckers to develop insomnia. And, the isolation can lead to paranoia, depression and anxiety. That’s just the beginning. 

Once a tucker develops a mental or physical health issue, they’ll often develop other medical conditions. The worse a trucker’s mental and physical health is, the more likely they’ll cause an auto accident. As a result of these poor conditions put on truckers, you may be a victim of an auto accident. If so, learn more about your legal options and seek the compensation you deserve.