Should you file a claim right after a motor vehicle crash?

On Behalf of | May 5, 2023 | Serious Injuries

It is safe to say that most vehicle accident victims want their deserved compensation as quickly as possible. After all, the sooner you receive your money, the faster you can recover and put this matter behind you.

Most insurers urge crash victims to file right away, even though they know doing so could minimize their compensation. That is why it is usually better to wait a little while before you start your claim.

Use the time before filing to determine the full extent of your crash injuries.

Get a medical assessment

Did you know some injuries may not present symptoms immediately after an auto accident? For example, severe traumatic brain injuries can go unnoticed for days or weeks following a crash. An evaluation ensures you obtain early treatment if needed. Plus, it gives you the necessary medical evidence to obtain fair compensation.

Follow care provider orders

You might think it is okay to skip some of the treatment steps the doctor orders, but this is unwise for two reasons. First, it jeopardizes your physical recovery. Second, it endangers your injury claim. The involved insurers will use any opportunity to minimize your payout, including your failure to follow the medical orders a physician prescribes.

Gather your documentation

Ask for copies of all medical records related to your accident injuries and your treatment plan to include in your claim. You should also obtain proof of related losses, such as any wages you could not earn because of the accident.

You have two years to file an auto accident claim in Texas. While you do not want to wait too long, giving yourself some time to learn the full scope of your harm maximizes your injury compensation.