2 ways businesses contribute to patrons’ slip-and-fall injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | Premises Liability

Some people slip and fall when shopping because they have the wrong shoes for the weather or their planned activities. Other people slip and fall in a public space because they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol or engaging in irresponsible behavior, such as running in a retail shop.

However, there are also many people who get hurt while behaving in responsible, normal manners in public spaces. It is negligence on the part of those who own or operate the business that actually caused their injury.

Slip-and-fall incidents are frequently the result of mistakes made by the business owner or manager rather than the customer who gets hurt while shopping. What are two of the ways that businesses contribute to the likelihood of a patron experiencing a slip and fall incident during a visit?

  1. They minimize their staffing

Keeping enough employees on hand to take care of all of the patrons that visit and maintain the facilities will be one of the larger operating expenses for the company. It is quite common for businesses to schedule the lowest possible number of staff hours given the likely demand at the business.

Frequently, that means that there aren’t enough people working when demand is higher than average. Those workers may end up assisting with sales and will not have enough time to inspect and maintain the facilities, at which point someone could easily end up getting hurt due to a spill or similar issue.

  1. They delay maintenance

Maybe there is a freezer that has issues with condensation and causes puddling on the floors. Perhaps there’s a leak in the ceiling, or maybe a sales representative ran an electrical cord across an open section of floor to power a new display.

All of these issues required timely consideration and prompt correction. When a business knows about a maintenance or safety issue and fails to handle it before someone gets hurt, that negligence regarding the state of their premises could very well lead to a claim.

Slip-and-falls involving negligence by a business or property owner may lead to premises liability claims that either result in an insurance payout or civil litigation. Understanding how businesses contribute to slip and fall injuries can potentially motivate you to pursue justice.