Big rigs burn, cause 1 fatality after collision in East Texas 

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2022 | Trucking Accidents

In the early hours of Tuesday, Nov. 1, two semitrucks collided in Garland near Zion Road on I-30 West. A man headed on a hunting trip in East Texas witnessed the 4:30 a.m. collision (but not the cause). He stopped and rendered aid on the scene, pulling the driver of one truck out of the broken window,

The driver informed the Good Samaritan that his driving partner was sleeping in the back of the cab. This man’s leg was broken badly. The Good Samaritan on the scene summoned the strength to carry him over to his partner just as the police arrived.

1 trucker succumbed to his injuries

There was no mention of the condition of the occupant(s) of the second semitruck. One of the men pulled from the wreckage did not survive. No information on the cause of the semitruck accident was immediately available.

Big rig collisions are frequently deadly

When two cars get into an accident, that’s bad enough. When two highway behemoths collide at high speeds, the carnage is usually far worse. The energy released in 18-wheeler crashes is immense and can add to the volatility.

Even when the injured survive, their lives may never again be the same. These life-altering consequences affect all aspects of the person’s life, from their marriages to their earning capacity. Sometimes the damage is so catastrophic that they might need round-the-clock care, either at home or in an expensive facility.

Fight for your right to compensation

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